Dairy processing

"Zalessky Farmer" is a Russian producer of dairy products, successfully and dynamically developing since the year 2010. The plant is located in the town of Polessk, Kaliningrad region.

Initially "Zalessky Farmer" processed only 20 tons per day. Today the production capacity of the enterprise is more than 250 tons/day.

Zalessky Farmer products are made only using the fresh natural milk without any artificial preservatives. The product range of "Zalessky Farmer" brand consists of over 100 items of traditional and modern dairy products. "Zalessky Farmer" is among the top 20 Russian companies authorized to export dairy products to the Chinese market.

AIH "Zalesie" is the key entity in dairy cattle breeding in Kaliningrad region, which accounts for 54.5% of the total milk production in agricultural organizations.



tons of milk per day

100 +


81 000

tons of milk per year

54 , 5 %

of the total milk production in the Kaliningrad region


heads of breeding stock supplied outside the region in 2019


breeding heifers delivered to the Moscow region in 2020